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Zeleny Prospect 66-a, Moscow, 111396, Russia

Tel: +7 495 301 2104




Age range

3 - 18


iGCSE - A- Level

Student / Staff ratio

5 / 1

Opened in September 2006 in response to Moscow's growing demand for international schools of outstanding quality, the English International School, Moscow provides British style education for expatriate and local students aged 3 to 18 years.

The school enjoys a purpose built, spacious and well equipped campus in the green and calm suburb of Novogrireevo, just 17 minutes by Metro from the city centre. Thanks to Moscow's extensive transport network, the school attracts students from all over this vast city. Despite its rapid growth, the school has retained its reputation for having a truly family atmosphere and it is an established and respected part of Moscow's educational scene.

My three daughters have attended your school for the last three years, and I want to express my deep gratitude for the intellectual and life lessons you gave them. The education you nourished them is basic and decisive in their future life; it widens their horizon and helps them to be successful in any field they choose. I assure you that my children will cherish for long the good memory of their kind teachers and schoolmates.

School's history

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    School Opens

    School opens on the 1st of September 2006


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