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Cesta 24. junija 92, Ljubljana-Črnuče, 1231, Slovenia

Tel: +386 83 825 920




Age range

2 - 18


iGCSE / A Level

Student / Staff ratio

4 / 1

The British International School of Ljubljana (BISL) is our school in Europe's stunning little jewel: Slovenia. Recently, PENTA International, one of the leading independent inspectorates of British Schools Overseas, accredited by the British Government’s Department for Education (DfE) rated BISL ‘Outstanding’ in every category. BISL students are aged between 2 and 18 years of age and currently come from 40 different nationalities. The school welcomed its first students in 2008. It is a CIE international school, a member of CIS and became an accredited member of COBIS in 2013.

School Ethos

The community at BISL are passionate about providing a positive, challenging and nurturing learning environment in which everyone is valued as individuals, empowering them to be versatile, motivated and caring people. BISL has already gained a strong reputation, both locally and internationally, for it’s challenging yet nurturing approach to learning, and it's balance of tradition and innovation.

THANK YOU for your nice reception and presentation of your wonderful school. It is nice to see how passionate you all are, that there are still good teachers who do not only teach but also give a big piece of themselves into their teaching. All students were impressed to see the positive atmosphere, the equipment, and how creative and communicative the young learners are.

MB, Maribor University Faculty of Education

School's history

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    Outstanding School in Ljubljana

    BISL rated ‘Outstanding’ in every category in latest inspection by PENTA International.

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    New premises

    The school moves to a new site

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    Joined the Group

    British School of Ljubljana Joined the Orbital Education Group of Schools

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    Countess of Wessex

    Visit from the Duke and Countess of Wessex in 2012.

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    School Opened by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

    Visit from H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh during her state visit to Slovenia in 2008 to Offically open the school

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    School Opened

    The school was founded in September 2008 by Jeremy P. Hibbins, whose vision was to provide an alternative system of education to both members of the expatriate community and to Slovenians seeking a quality international education.


Meet the Headteacher

Matthew Cox, Principal

An education at British International School Ljubljana blends consistency and tradition with constant evolution to better meet the needs of our young people from a kaleidoscope of different nationalities and backgrounds, and is supported by an experienced staff who are dedicated to their students and by parents who truly care about the school and are always keen to give help and support. The result a vibrant multi-national community of learners within the wonderful culture and setting that is Slovenia.

Whilst learning is, and always will be, our main focus – our students are prepared for success at IGCSE and A-Levels – our aim is to ensure that each and every student has a happy and fulfilling learning experience throughout their time at the school, whether it is for just one or two years or if it is all the way from 3 to 18. We want them to take every opportunity, accept every challenge, build firm and lasting friendships and to be the creators of many wonderful, unforgettable and positive experiences in their time here. Most of all, we want them to be engaged and inspired to believe in themselves, so that they can achieve to the very best of their abilities, in whatever they do.

Matthew Cox, Principal

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