Orbital E Learning

We are delighted to share with you our complete Guide to Virtual Learning which outlines our approach that has been implemented across our schools globally.

The aim of this guide is to support our parents by setting out

  • our approach to eLearning
  • resources available to your children
  • resources available to you as parents
  • useful hints and tips for parents to support your children

Orbital schools aim to provide an interactive experience for your child whilst they are learning from home:

  • eLearning timetables are set just like any normal school day to provide structure and enable you to manage your time.
  • Our online platform enables easy translation of text into local languages in case you child is not fluent in English yet and needs some help.
  • Lessons are delivered using a variety of tools and techniques including videos, discussions and assemblies to make your child’s experience as fun and as ‘social’ as possible.
  • Activities are varied and include a whole range of creative ides to get your child moving and experimenting indoors and out.
  • Children (and parents) are encouraged to get involved and share their work and ideas via photos, video, and text.

See below for some of the great feedback we have had from parents so far:

Parent Feedback