Ted X @ Bsq

Back in February the British School Quito, after many weeks of preparation and hard work, hosted the first TED-X event in Ecuador, TED-X Youth@BSQ. It was a wonderful evening with amazing talks from both guest speakers and school students Martinna, Martín and Pablo. The TEDxYouth@BSQ is a milestone for the world of education in Ecuador because it enabled us to open up conversations from both students and experts to the audience.

If you are not aware of them TED events focus on spreading ideas, usually in the form of short talks. Initially established in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design joined together, it now, covers almost all topics in over 110 languages. TEDx brings the spirit of TED to local communities around the globe via “rules and tools”. TEDx events are organized by passionate individuals who seek to uncover new ideas and the latest research in their local areas and spark conversations in their communities. The theme of TEDxYouth@BSQ was Education: Innovation, Diversity and Wellbeing.

Guest speakers included two speakers from the Ecuadorian Amazon. One, an English teacher, talked about educational work with diverse classrooms that face high psychosocial risks whilst the other spoke from her vision as a student on the importance of adults who supported her ideas. We also had the expertise of a speaker talking about the role of self-motivation and the scope of the objectives against all odds. The final speaker was a Rugby expert talking about sport as a tool to improve the quality of life.

Three of our students won the opportunity to represent the school as TEDx speakers and chose to talk about communication, study habits and sports - student life.

All the events are filmed and put on the TED-X website for the world to see and share and to ensure that it was available to as wide an audience as possible there was also a live translation in sign language. You can view the event here.

Two of the teachers who were key in organising the event said:

“This experience has definitely enriched us as a BSQ community and given us the opportunity to share our space with other people and organizations outside BSQ, contributing again to collective growth. There is a saying that mentions: ‘Walking the extra mile is complicated and requires effort. The advantage is that there is hardly anyone on that route.’ Thanks to all who supported this event and helped to continue our dream of changing the world from the classrooms by walking that extra mile. “

Ms. León and Ms. Carrera, British School Quito

Ted X @ Bsq Students

Martinna - Presenting her topic on endangered species.