Bisl Reopens

When I reopened my school in Slovenia after lockdown, we made sure that students enjoyed themselves, says Paul Walton

"How can you tell when someone is smiling at you if they're wearing a protective face mask?

This was my first thought as I prepared to greet our returning students on our first morning back. But as students arrived waving, giggling and chatting with others, it was easy to detect.

It was a good feeling to see our students again and hear their excitement as they prepared for the transition from online learning back to "normal".

The overall mood of this first day, according to one of our students, was “great to be back, but it is a bit strange”.

A fair observation – and a pleasing one as we had tried hard to create as much of the usual "fun" learning environment as usual, while ensuring student safety."

Principal of British International School of Ljubljana Paul Walton talks to the TES this week on re-opening our school in Ljubljana and the challenges and joy that this brought with it. Read the full article here.