Ljub Tw Award

We are delighted to announce that the British School of Ljubljana has received the Teach Well Gold Award for exceptional commitment for staff wellbeing. They are the first international school to receive this honour.

Principal Paul Walton said

"As a school we prioritise the wellbeing and mental welfare of all of our staff and this award is a huge achievement for us to celebrate as a school.

During this year, we have implemented various changes and improvements such as:

  • Created an Action Plan with staff of key areas to improve.
  • Offered a wide range of Training Opportunities for staff professional development.
  • Organised Whole School Training Sessions where staff can work together.
  • Praised Staff Successes such as qualifications, awards and nominations.
  • Supported Staff in and outside of the school.
  • Team Building and Collaboration opportunities.
  • Staff Appreciation Day.
  • 'Secret Friend' day.
  • All staff have finished Staff Wellbeing training.
  • All staff have access to a range of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Welfare training courses.
  • Healthy Living and Healthy Eating advice.
  • Care for and treat everyone in accordance with our BISL Values

We see this award as a continuation of our significant investment in all staff and look forward with great excitement to the next steps in creating a positive culture of staff wellbeing and mental welfare."

Congratulations to our team in Ljubljana.

Further information about the award can be found here.