The benefits to students of being a member of a global group of schools, came to fruition for Anahita in Year 1 of Britannica International School, Shanghai last month, when she was welcomed as a temporary student at the groups school in Budapest.

Many families left China in January for the Chinese New Year holidays as normal only to find themselves uncertain as to whether to return due to the breakout of the coronavirus. Fortunately for Anahita and her family our schools were on hand to support them at this time.

The Principals and teachers from both schools were quickly in contact to arrange a visit and a trial day for Anahita and to understand how they could make the transition as easy as possible for her. As schools in the Orbital group follow the same curriculum it makes it easier for children to adapt. This enabled Anahita to have many of the same routines at our school in Budapest that she had been used to in Shanghai.

Anahita's parents said "We would like to thank you for your warm welcome and the time you invested in the discussions with both headquarters and Mr Goodwin with regards to Anahita's situation. We really appreciate your efforts in this challenging situation. We were very happy to meet Britannica's kind and professional pedagogical and admissions team'

As you can see Anahita has quickly settled down into her new class, making lots of new friends and is seen below enjoying having a cuddle with Owlek, the Britannica Budapest mascot.

David Goodwin - Principal of Britannica Shanghai said "We are delighted that Anahita has settled so well with the team in Budapest and hope Anahita enjoys her time in Budapest. We also look forward to helping any other Britannica Shanghai students join one of our sister schools, while they find themselves out of their home city. "

Anahita Owlek