Accreditation Cover

We are proud to announce that, following a lengthy and comprehensive process, Britannica International School, Shanghai are now the ONLY international school in Shanghai with full accreditation status from both COBIS and CIS.

As part of the Orbital Education Group, our schools are committed to delivering the best continuous quality and highest standards of education for their students. Saying this, however, is not enough. It is vital for our schools to be professionally evaluated on a regular basis, choosing to go through a rigorous accreditation process with both COBIS and CIS, demonstrating the level of quality and consistency that each accredited member school must uphold.

Accreditation Dsc 1258

Why choose a COBIS accredited school?

COBIS represents and quality assures international schools across the world and whilst each school may be unique with its own distinct character, many commonalities exist. COBIS accredited schools share high expectations of both students and staff, striving to achieve the highest academic standards and quality of learning, with a keen focus on the development of the whole child through the provision of a first class pastoral care system and a wide range of co-curricular activities to nurture qualities such as resilience, adaptability, self-confidence, tolerance and international mindedness.

Being a COBIS accredited member school provides additional reassurance for both parents and students. Their recent successful accreditation means that Britannica International School, Shanghai has shown to meet the highest standards of international and British best practice in providing children with the maximum levels of support in their development at all stages of their education.

Accreditation Dsc 2098

The ethos at the heart of a COBIS accreditation is continuous improvement in how education is provided and how the safety and wellbeing of all children is the highest priority.

The quality and rigour of a COBIS and CIS accreditation is recognised by ministries, departments of education, and universities around the world as a demonstration of a school’s commitment to maintain a high-quality international education.

The school's recent COBIS accreditation report highlighted the enthusiasm and team spirit of students and staff, as well as the school’s strong leadership both locally and centrally here at Orbital Head Office in the UK.

Britannica's staff will take advantage of the training opportunities and feedback available through these accreditations, giving them access to sharing best practice with top member institutions globally, as well as across our family of schools.

Higher education institutions value the mark of a COBIS and CIS accreditation, targeting students who graduate from such accredited schools for admission to their institutions, recognising the standards, values and skills they seek in students, endorsing the quality of education provided to graduates of such accredited schools.

At Orbital, we are delighted for Britannica International School, Shanghai to be able to add COBIS accreditation to their list of achievements next to CIS and look forward to seeing how they engage with COBIS further to offer even more academically and socially enriching activities for their students.