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On February 15th and 16th Emma Newman, Principal of British School, Quito, was one of the guest speakers at an exciting new conference in Quito called Women and Leadership: Enabling Voices.

The theme was “Inspiring and supporting women to lead in their personal and professional lives.” The aim being to inspire participants to be empowered to step forward to make a difference in their communities, to take action - large or small - to make this world a better place.

Over 100 people gave up their time at the weekend to come together and talk about, listen to and explore the ways in which women have developed their leadership and the ways in which they still plan to – both in Ecuador and across the world.

Emma said "It was a great way to meet people and share ideas and I know that some of the staff who attended have already invited guest speakers into school to work with students. Perfect timing as we approach International Women’s Day."

This is what staff members at BSQ who attended the event said:

'A fantastic event full of interesting keynotes from a range of professional and academic women' (Teddy Mercer)

'The Enabling Voices Symposium inspired me to model the journey of creating safe and fair spaces for all, through my daily encounters with children in the classroom.' (Josue Berru)

'As I hoped, I left the conference with a number of contacts. some of whom will be visiting my class to enrich the learning of the children.' (Simon Newman)

'A hugely inspiring weekend which made me seriously reflect on my aspirations and the power of my voice.' (Danielle Parker)

British School Quito are planning to host this event next year.