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Orbital Education adopts Canvas as the LMS for its schools.

Orbital has selected Canvas, a state-of-the–art, robust Learning Management System for their schools to enable smooth communication between teachers and learners and to enhance learning by offering a powerful tool to implement blended learning and digital technologies.

Canvas has powerful functions which work on all digital tools, from laptops to mobile phones. The LMS allows us to prepare students for the modern world and the challenges of our ever-changing era. It also primes them for university life, as Canvas is being rapidly adopted around the globe by hundreds of universities.

Zsófia Alibaux-Jakab, Orbitals Group eLearning Manager who is in charge of the role out said "Canvas keeps everything in one place, enhances the learning experience and provides valuable tools for teachers to enable blended learning. For students, Canvas makes all materials available anywhere they may be, they can quickly and easily access their grades, read and write comments, participate in discussions and use the calendar to get organized. It allows students to learn at their own pace, to review materials, presentations, videos any time, to create content by editing class pages or recording videos. It puts the learning into the hands of the learner and allows for differentiation by choice and enhances leadership skills."

"We believe Canvas is the best that digital learning can offer. It is a powerful tool which allows all other digital tools to be in the same place and accessible to teachers and students alike. It will ultimately enable group-wide collaboration between teachers and students and will enhance our students learning experience by opening their horizon up to new cultures and a new way of learning. Providing the best learning experience to our students is at the heart of what we do, and Canvas will certainly enable this and have a profound impact on learning and teaching in our schools."

Here are two examples of how the new LMS is bringing benefit at both a Primary and Secondary level:

Using Canvas at Primary Level - British School of Ljubljana

At The British International School of Ljubljana (BISL), Canvas is currently being used in the classroom to enhance the learning experience of students through the use of technology.

Paul Walton, Principal of the school said "Canvas has transformed the way in which students at BISL now learn but technology is not used as a direct substitution for learning. The teacher is still at the heart of how students learn in class but the LMS has really improved the way in which students can access materials, share and collaborate with others."

"Students can learn at their own pace and become enriched by this personalised learning experience. It has a profound impact on supporting and accelerating learning in the school and blends in well with students using their own devices in class and at home.:

Starting this academic year, the school has used Canvas as the main LMS in both year 6 classes. Positive, worthwhile outcomes and results have been seen just by uploading core materials online for students to access. This was particularly beneficial to students who wanted to review the content in their own time or for those students who needed to catch up on missed work.

Quizzes were used to perform weekly formative assessments in maths. There were surprised to see how deep and clear the information given to the teacher was after students completed the quiz. This in turn helped to shape teachers’ teaching so that they could offer support to those students who need it the most.

"We have seen some great progress being made so far with Canvas and parents are now very interested in hearing our next plans for the use of Canvas across the school and how we will develop this further".

Supporting Spanish lessons at Secondary level - Britannica International School, Budapest.

At Britannica International School, Budapest, application of the system has started in Spanish classes, especially in KS4. For the IGCSE Spanish course, Canvas courses include learning objectives, grammar points, listening tracks, speaking examination questions and essay examples for the writing component. This helped students to revise in and out of school.

Students now submit all their assignments and tasks on Canvas so the teacher can mark their work without having to collect their notebooks. This has been hugely beneficial for the teacher and the student as it saves time and the students are not deprived of their notebooks during the time of the marking.

The school is also using Canvas for announcements, to keep students updated and for them to catch up on missed work if they are absent from school. For listening tasks in class, students, equipped with headphones, can practice at their own pace which enables a differentiated approach. The materials are all accessible on Canvas at any time, so students can re-read, learn and practice at their own pace and as many times as they need. Students have passed comment on the impact it is having:

"It has all the things we need, we don't have to search for them or get emails."

"I like how I can do listenings at my own rhythm, without waiting for the rest."

Principal Neil McGarry said "So far the school has seen significant benefits for both teachers and students. It saves valuable time for our teachers with grading, writing feedback and handling assignments, monitoring homework and class activity. It allows communication and collaboration within departments, school and ultimately it will allow us to do this group-wide."