BSQ continues to deliver an excellent educational experience.

In August, Council of International Schools (CIS), the CIS School Support and Evaluation Services and its advisors were pleased to inform The British School Quito (BSQ) that it had been re-accredited. This is a fantastic achievement by the Principal, staff, and the entire school community, and the team were congratulated by CIS.

Some of the key highlights in the feedback included:

‘The school does an outstanding job where the students’ safety and welfare are concerned. Teachers, parents and students described a culture of care which is highly valued.’

‘The teachers are to be commended for their high level of professionalism.’

‘A vibrant and engaged atmosphere.’ ‘The school offers a wide range of enrichment activities that complement the formal curriculum – these activities clearly support learning and well-being.’

Emma Newman, Principal of BSQ, said " We are all absolutely delighted to receive the news of our re-accreditation by CIS. The quality of care and learning we provide for our students and their families are at the heart of our values and everyone who works at and supports BSQ contributes to this."

The Council of International Schools vision is to inspire the development of global citizens through high quality international education: connecting ideas, cultures, and educators from every corner of the world. The quality and rigour of the CIS International Accreditation process is recognized by Ministries and Departments of Education and by independent national associations responsible for the evaluation of schools and universities around the world.