The idea for the Orbital Winter Song was hatched during a global network meeting of our Heads of Primary. While the Heads of School were already used to collaborating and sharing ideas across the schools, we wanted to explore ways in which our students could also collaborate and celebrate being part of such a global community. The song is just the first of many global projects the students are working on together.

Our schools are diverse in location, culture and language but everyone is part of the Orbital Group family. We therefore decided that a great way to illustrate this was to showcase our different languages by bringing them together in one song for the holidays.

The result was a group of our students from all over the world singing 'Let it Snow' by Dean Martin in English, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Slovene and Spanish. While it was great fun to make, it was even more fantastic to see the Primary school students coming together in beautiful harmony.

A big thank you to all the students and staff from our schools who were involved:

The English International School, Moscow West

Britannica International School, Budapest

The English International School, Moscow East

Britannica International School, Shanghai

The English International School, Moscow South West

The British International School of Ljubljana

Baleares international College, Sant Agusti, Mallorca

The British School Quito