Kevin McNeany

Kevin McNeany


Since Orbital was founded in 2008, the group has grown quickly and we now have 9 schools operating on 3 continents. Our schools teach students from over 50 different nationalities. We are always looking for talented colleagues to join us. So we'd like to hear from you with what you can do for us - or what we can do for you.

Why join us?


Talented Administrators and School Directors

Orbital’s growth is based on talent and hard work.

We need a team that is innovative and enthusiastic. We’re always looking for energetic experienced school leaders and consultants. We are interested in talking to people who have a passion for international education and a management level school career that has earned them the respect of their peers. Many of our esteemed colleagues contacted us direct in the first place - maybe there is a place for you in our growing portfolio of schools?

We welcome your approach and CV. An Orbital placement on you CV will impress: we are reputable, well regarded and well known.


Business Opportunities

When school owners and Board Members approach us, they can be sure of a warm, sympathetic and confidential response.

Some of the schools in our present portfolio beckoned to us for advice or assistance. We are especially proud of our record of turning round schools that had financial or educational problems. As responsible owners of schools of all sizes, we are keenly aware of the need to preserve continuity and quality and to grow schools in a sensitive way. Whether it’s finance, consultancy or an outright sale, we’ll work competently, confidently and confidentially with you.

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