Why join us?


Building Excellence in our Schools

Orbital Education has grown through acquisition, partnership and start-up projects. We are proud of our record of improving standards of teaching and learning, building a reputation for excellence amongst our communities and, as a result, improving the financial performance of our schools. As responsible owners of schools of all sizes, we are keenly aware of the need to maintain continuity and to grow schools in a sensitive way.

When school owners and board members approach us we work confidentially to reach a solution that works for all involved.


"The effectiveness of leadership and management of the school by the board, the principal and other school leaders is outstanding.

There are highly positive relationships between the school leadership team and the school’s governing body. The governors are successful in securing, supporting and developing sufficient high-quality staff and ensuring their suitability to work with children. The school is supported by the board, as well as being held to account.”

BSO Inspection 2021


Sustainability in Schools

As a group, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact with several of our schools in the process of gaining green awards.

We conduct regular staff and parent surveys to understand what we are doing well and what can be improved upon. Action plans are developed and shared as part of our annual School Development Plans. Wellbeing has been an organisation wide focus over the last few years with initiatives shared across all of our stakeholders, students, parents, teachers and leaders.

The Orbital Education board ensures that we are ethical, fully compliant with all legislation and delivering on our promise of delivering outstanding education in our internationally acclaimed schools.